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Bighorn TL3 Actions

Rifle Actions - Receivers

We carry various bolt action and semi automatic receivers, along with barrels, prefit barrels, chassis, and most items you would need to build your precision rifle.  Rifle actions and receivers are federally regulated items and can only be shipped to dealers holding an FFL. 

Bighorn TL3 Actions


Bighorn TL3 Actions

from 1,250.00

The TL3 action is the latest release from Bighorn Arms.  It utilizes a floating bolt head that allows for quick bolt head swaps for cartridges with different bolt faces.  This allows one receiver/action to be used for various different calibers.  You can go from .233 Remington up to the short action magnums by swapping bolt faces and barrels.  Letting you save some expense by using the same action, stock/chassis, Optic and mounting system.  

The TL3 retains the legacy of the TL and TL2 actions by retaining their precise machine quality and accuracy with the added benefits of Controlled Round Feed, Mechanical Ejection, AW and AICS magazine compatability, 1-1/16 x 20 TPI "Savage" threads, bayonet style bolt shroud mounting for easy disassembly, adjustable firing pin protrusion and more options for scope rails.

These Actions are In Stock and ready to ship to your FFL.

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