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Vectronix - PLRF10 - Tan

Laser Rangefinders

Vectronix - PLRF10 - Tan

sold out

Vectronix - PLRF10 - Tan


The Vectronix PLRF-10 is a small powerful pocket sized laser range finder very similar in size to the Vectronix Terrapin.  With the Terrapin being discontinued this is currently the least expensive offering by Vectronix.  The PLRF10- is rugged, lightweight and waterproof.  It has the ability to range well beyond the guaranteed ranged of 2,500 m that is stated by Vectronix.  Those who have ranged with a Terrapin or other Vectronix offering know that they are incredibly reliable and are capable of ranging well beyond their factory stated distances during a bright sunny day, where most other rangefinders fall flat of their face.  The PLRF-10 is ideal for use by long range shooters, hunters, marksmen and for many sporting, target, competition and tactical applications.  


Technical Data - PLRF10

Magnification- 6x

Field of view - 6 degrees / 106 mil

Laser Diode - 905 nm

Beam Divergence (typical) - 0.3 x 1.5 mil

Range Capability - 5 m to > 2,500 m

Dimensions (L x W x H) - 125 mm x 101 mm x 50 mm

Weight w/ Batteries - 620 g

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