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Proof Carbon Desert Tech Barrels by Special Purpose Rifles

Desert Tech

Proof Carbon Desert Tech Barrels by Special Purpose Rifles

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Proof Carbon Desert Tech Barrels by Special Purpose Rifles

from 1,850.00

We began working with Proof in 2016 to come up with a blank for Desert Tech SRS and Covert Rifles.  In mid 2017 Proof Research began producing the barrel blanks to our specs and we have been spinning them into drop-in barrels for the SRS.  

The first barrel blanks we received from Proof were in 26" and 28" lengths are set up with a shank that is long enough to do a barrel setback if wanted.  We can also trim the shanks shorter to DT factory length to shave some additional weight off of the barrel if desired, which will also shorten the 26" and 28" barrels by approximately 1.4".

For 2018, we are adding 22.5" barrels and 18" barrels for the SRS.  Along with 30" barrels for the Desert Tech HTI in .375 CT.

Each of our drop in Proof barrels comes with a 1/2 MOA guarantee with match ammo.

We can provide you with a Bolt and Magazine if you need a complete conversion kit.  We can also provide a complete SRS rifle build with one of our Proof barrels.

After placing your order on our website, we will contact you to confirm your order and will be asking for your desired muzzle threads.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

If we have the barrel blank for your barrel in stock, typical lead times are 3-4 weeks.  We have all lengths of barrels currently on order with Proof.  Some barrels may take as long as 16 weeks as of 1/20/18.  Please contact us for estimated lead times.

If you don't see the caliber you are after offered here, please contact us for availability and pricing.

We will also have SAC spin up some .223 barrels and .223 conversion kits on some 22.5" Proof barrels.  When we have pricing on these we will let you know.

Barrel Twist Rates and available lengths:
.243/6mm - 1:7.5 - 22.5" and 26"
.264/6.5mm - 1:8 - 18", 22.5", and 26"
.284/7mm - 1:8 - 22.5" and 26"
.30 - 1:9 - 18", 22.5", and 26"
.338 - 1:9.4 - 18", 22.5", and 28"
.375 - 1:10.5 - 30" - Only Available for the Desert Tech HTI

Muzzle brakes are not included on any of the barrels but can be purchased separately.  

Barrel Length:
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