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Desert Tech

Desert Tech SRS Operator Maintenance Kit

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Desert Tech SRS Operator Maintenance Kit

338.10 345.00

A complete operator-maintenance solution in a portable package. It combines our operator’s tool kit and cleaning kit in a nylon MOLLE gear bag. All tools and cleaning components you’ll need in the field or on the bench. Solvents and lubricants in leak-proof bottles.

Kit Includes

• Operator Maintenance Case
• Snap Seal Sample Container
• KG-1 Carbon Remover 2 oz bottle
• Torque Wrench 80 Inch lbs
• Topeak X-Tool (Black)
• Socket Hex Bit 5 mm 3/8 Drive
• DTA SRS Bore Guide Assy
• Bore Brush, 30 Cal BB-1
• Bore Brush, .338 Rifle Bronze
• .30 Rifle Bore Snake
• .338 Rifle Bore Snake
• Gun Cleaning Brush
• 1100 Rapid Rod Gun Cleaning Rod
• Lens Pen Optics Kit: MiniPro ll, Anti-fog sol., Micro cloth

Note Desert Tech has changed the Barrel Torque Specs in their latest manual and now have 80 inch/pound listed as the Torque Value for the SRS and Covert.  I have contacted Desert Tech and they have assured me that the 70 inch/pound wrenches are still ok to use if you already have one.

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