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J Allen - JAE-700 Chassis

Rifle Chassis

J Allen - JAE-700 Chassis

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J Allen - JAE-700 Chassis


The J Allen JAE-700 Chassis system is one of the best bolt action chassis systems available.  Not only is it a great chassis system, but it offers those who favor the ergonomics of a traditional rifle stock the features of a chassis system.  The JAE-700 has hand painted side panels that are bonded to the chassis and utilizes a full length aluminum chassis system.

The J Allen JAE-700 magwell can be adjusted for fit and feed of the magazines, it has a QD lever to quickly remove cheek rest for cleaning and removing the bolt, and an adjustable cheek riser that is raised and lowered via a thumb wheel.

The JAE-700 chassis utilize the Remington 700 short action footprint.  Actions such as the Bighorn TLC, Curtis Custom, Mausingfield, Defiance Deviant, and Surgeon 591 will work in these chassis.  

If you want the same chassis for a 700 Long Action, J Allen will convert any of our new 700 SA chassis to a 700 LA chassis at no additional cost.

We have more chassis on order.  If there is a color scheme you want, or if you want one in left handed, let us know and we can make it happen.  

Chassis include the following:

  • Full Length Aluminum Skeleton
  • Painted Composite Skins Permanently Bonded to Aluminum Skeleton
  • Patent Pending Cage and Adjustable Magazine Collet System (in either Short Action or Long Action)
  • Hardened Steel Insert for Recoil Lug (full surface to surface contact)
  • Integral Trigger Guard
  • Adjustable paddle (for adjusting fit/feed of magazine)
  • Captured Action Screws to bolt down receiver (65 inch lbs of torque recommended)
  • Rubber Grip
  • Flushmount Rail-European style
  • Cupmounts and Flush Cups (3 positions on each side of stock for attaching QD swivels for sling)
  • Adjustable Thumbwheel Cheek Rest w/ QD Mechanism (includes lever to remove cheek rest to remove bolt and clean with a rod from the breech)
  • Bottom 2″ Picatinny Rail (can be repositioned in several locations on Flushmount rail)
  • Bipod Adapter w/Swivel Stud (can be repositioned in several locations on Flushmount rail)
  • Off Hand Rest w/integral Picatinny Rail
  • Rubber Butt Pad (LOP can be adjusted by adding Butt Spacers which are sold separately)
  • Adjustable Palm Rest w/Spacers
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