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Thunder Beast Ultra 7 Suppressor


Thunder Beast Ultra 7 Suppressor

Rob Wilkinson

I was able to take a couple customers out to demo the new Thunder Beast Ultra 7 suppressor yesterday.  We had the Ultra 7 along with a TBAC 30P-1, TBAC 30BA, and a TBAC 338BA to compare.  As for firearms, we had (3) Desert Tech rifles (in 6x47, .260, and .338 LM) and a TRG in .308.

The three of us and 3 additional bystanders all came to the conclusion that the Ultra 7 was noticeably quieter than the 30P-1 and the 30BA, which is speaking volumes as both of those suppressors suppress very well and have a great tone to them.  The Ultra 7 is two inches shorter than the other 9" long TBAC suppressors and is nearly half the weight.

As of this morning both customers that came to demo the Ultra 7 have placed orders for them and I should note that both of these customers already own 9" long TBAC suppressors.

While we were up there, I was able to get behind a Desert Tech SRS in .338 LM with a 338BA suppressor mounted.  It made me remember how much I loved the .338 LM conversion that I had for my SRS (I sold it last year to a customer when DT products were very hard to come by).  The rifle with the 338BA mounted was a pleasure to shoot, and watching how violently it impacts steel targets at 800 yards, made me think of picking up another .338 LM conversion to use with my 338BA suppressor.