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We Just Added Accuracy International to our Line-Up


We Just Added Accuracy International to our Line-Up

Rob Wilkinson

This August we added Accuracy International to our line-up of high end precision rifles.  After spending some time with these rifles and looking over these rifles in detail, I am extremely impressed.  

The new AXMC, which is essentially AI's PSR rifle, has got to be the sexiest rifle on the planet.  Looking at the details of this rifle, you can see the years of refinement AI has spent on their rifles and you know that the designers must also be shooters.

These are some of the things I noticed while looking over the AXMC

  • Fantastic fit and finish
  • Super smooth bolt
  • Bolt has cuts to help prevent it from freezing shut
  • Tool less take down of the bolt
  • 3 position safety on the bolt
  • Side Bolt release
  • Cocking indicator on the bolt
  • Extra heavy duty Bolt Stop - I have seen a number of bolt stops sheared off of custom guns in comps during the past few years. I can't imagine one of these shearing off.
  • 10 round double stack mags
  • Bolt will not cycle forward when mag is empty
  • Folding stock - that easily folds and is secured in the folding position, locks up rock solid when deployed, has all the adjustments you would ever need, and holds a 4mm allen wrench
  • Folding stock folds to the right side of the rifle and also captures the bolt. This leaves the left side of the gun smooth so nothing is jabbing you in the side or back when carrying the gun slung in a folding position. It also makes the gun profile thinner when collapsed. 
  • All bolts on the rifle are 4mm bolts
  • Removable barrel/caliber system - can swap barrels in about one minute
  • The side of the Chassis has been cut out to aid in mag changes while shooting in the prone position.
  • Removable forend - you have the ability to swap out different length forearms in seconds.
  • Slim forend with Keymod type attachment system.
  • Fantastic two stage trigger
  • Excellent shaped pistol grip
  • High quality polymer stock panels
  • And the list goes on.

These rifles are simply amazing and it is taking all that I have to not keep one for myself right now.  Though I think I am fighting a losing battle.  Maybe I need to start dropping some hints to my wife as our 15th Anniversary is around the corner.

I will be posting some reviews of the AI rifles as I am able to get some trigger time behind rifles that I have sold to my local customers here in Utah.

- The picture was sent to me by one of my customers, who granted my request to let me share it on my website.  The rifle in this picture is the Accuracy International AXMC in .338LM with a 27" barrel.